Publishing Disturbing Photos

Disturbing images may show the real situation to the readers. However, some people think journalists should protect the public and hold the disturbing images. Others may think that disturbing images reflect the reality and have its importance. There is actually no clear-cut right-or-wrong answer but journalists can refer to different guidelines and suggestions to decide… Continue reading Publishing Disturbing Photos

When Should Suicide be Covered?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) publication on media coverage of suicide in 2008 verifies the links between media coverage and imitative behaviour, it stated that extensive coverage may influence copycat acts. Therefore, journalists need to be aware when covering the story on suicide. After a Canadian hockey player Rick Rypien committed suicide, most journalists avoid… Continue reading When Should Suicide be Covered?

Appropriate Language to Use for Transgender People

When reporting news story on transgender people, the language used may become a challenge for journalists. For example, what pronoun should journalists use? The industry was confused at the beginning. However, most of the news outlet respect the preference of the subject and change the language used quickly now. In the MEDIA STYLE GUIDE from… Continue reading Appropriate Language to Use for Transgender People

Ethics video

There are many ethical issues arise in the journalistic industry. For me, the ethical issues that I concern most is that should journalists offer help to the victim when they reporting the news story? Also, should journalists disclose the identity of the sources when they admitted crime to journalists?

When Should Journalists use Identifiers?

Including identifiers like race, gender and religion on the news story or not has always been a difficult question for journalists. Some people see identifiers as basic information, but some may think that including the identifiers in the news report are discrimination and fuel stereotypes. To figure out whether journalists should include identifiers in the… Continue reading When Should Journalists use Identifiers?

Does the diversity of a news staff affect the diversity of issues, topics and people depicted in news coverage?

Our society has become more diverse nowadays, however, the diversity of news staff in newsroom experiencing a steady decline in recent years. The diversity of news staff would definitely affect the diversity of news in a news outlet. Therefore, narrow diversity of news staff may end up missing the opportunities to connect with the audiences.The… Continue reading Does the diversity of a news staff affect the diversity of issues, topics and people depicted in news coverage?